Surprise & Wonder Informances

Surprise & Wonder
A Joyful Musical Classroom Adventure with Nancy Rumbel

For years Grammy Award winning musician and composer
Nancy Rumbel has been performing, recording, improvising on and
teaching about unusual and fascinating musical instruments. It is
her passion and her gift. She enjoys bringing this excitement for
learning about music to children.

Surprise & Wonder "informances" use the science and mystery of
Nancy’s unique instruments (ocarinas, oboe, percussion, English
horn, and whistles) and their music to bring heightened awareness to
listening, observation, and critical thinking. It opens students'
imaginations through the use of "sensory surprises" that immediately
capture their attention. Then through the exploration of the
materials, construction, characteristics and dimensions of the
instruments, students discover certain principles of sound and design
and it’s fun!
Vocal exercises help children discover their own voice box and its
movement. A gong invites discussion about vibration and duration of
sound as well as bringing a group into focused and deep listening. A
colorful bird ocarina doesn't seem to make a beautiful tone yet a plain
one sounds magical. A tube with a spring sounds like thunder. How
could that be?
The thread of discovery is in part shaped by responses to the
students' reactions, interests and curriculum. Taking cues from their
ideas and questions, Nancy leads a memorable journey of discovery,
learning and participation. In addition to instruments that can be
handled, her presentation also teaches the importance of care and
respect for fragile items that cannot be directly touched or played.

A Surprise & Wonder Workshop:
Encourages Inquiry- Stop, Look, Listen, Explore, Think & Ask!
Explores Tone, Timbre, Rhythm, Pitch, Dynamics, Tempo, Breath,
and Vibration
Can include instruments from: Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, South
Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Nigeria, Tibet, France, the United
States and is continually being added to!
Materials include: pottery glazed and unglazed, various soft and
hardwoods, bamboo, gourds, bronze, animal hides, plastic, stone,
water, and aluminum

Individual 1st thru 4rth grade classes preferable, though other age
groups can be accommodated. This is a Classroom Informance (not
an assembly) based upon interactive discussion and hands on
learning opportunities.
A quiet classroom or library with space on the floor or seating for
students to see, hear and comfortably sit. Easy access to a world map
or globe.
The teacher must stay in the classroom to assist.
If moving to different classrooms, please allow ample time (10-15
minutes) to pack up instruments and a helper to assist with carrying
the instruments to the next location.
Written thank you notes are encouraged as a writing and etiquette

For further info please contact:

Nancy Rumbel
425 985-3439
PO Box 2488
Issaquah, WA 98027
Classroom presentations start at $600 per day plus room, board,
and all transportation costs (flights, ferries, gas). Block booking can
bring the price down!
Nancy is available for community or house presentations as well
while visiting the schools. Price is negotiable for an evening event.

Thank You!


Surprise & Wonder School List:

The Lighthouse School  - North Bend, OR

The Highland Elementary School – Reedsport OR

Myrtle Crest Elementary – Myrtle Crest, OR

Roosevelt Elementary – Santa Monica, CA

Braun Station Elementary – San Antonio, TX

The Children’s Garden – Issaquah, WA

Green Mountain School  - Woodland, WA

John Campbell Elementary School – Selah, WA

JCC Pre-School – San Antonio, TX

Emma C Smith Elementary School – Livermore, CA

Waldron Island School - Waldron Island, WA

Waldron Island Community Gathering - Waldron Island, WA

Shaw Island Commuinity Gathering, Shaw Island, WA

Harrington Public School, Harrington, WA

Christian Heritage School, Edwall, WA

Darrington Elementary, Darrington, WA