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Nancy's First All Ocarina Release - 18 Favorite Compositions

I finally organized a collection from some of my recordings of just Ocarina music!  For many years people had asked for an all ocarina CD, so I chose many of the pieces that I recorded with Eric Tingstad and a few from my solo CD Notes From the Tree of Life.  Titles include: Fisherman's Dream, Zelda's Dance, Oaks, Medicine Tree, The Jester, Peru, Anansi, Night Tribe, and Roses & Lace and 9 more.  The wonderful artwork is by Lisa Kaser and which fills the CD!

Available for $20 plus shipping    Autographed - $25 plus shipping             Please inquire about Add $12 US postage for International Orders



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I'd love to help you learn more about playing your instruments or delve into your music business questions!

I've been a professional musician for several decades and enjoy helping others learn more about music and how to overcome obstacles in their playing or career paths.

Private Lesson explore your playing techniques, practice methods, reading music, phrasing and musicianship, improvising, playing by ear ......etc....  The current rate is $70 per hour.

Music Business consultation, please send me questions via email prior to our session so that we can make the best use of our time together.  Business consults start at $100 per hour.

Please email Nancy@NancyRumbel.com to schedule a session. We'll have a great time creating and talking about music.  Looking forward to it!!   

P.S. These sessions are a great gift for a musician!:)


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