GRAMMY Award Winning Recording Artist, Composer, Performer and Teacher    

It's an interesting time to be alive!  I am grateful for so many things!  My family is healthy and I hope that yours is too.

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or ideas about music making during this Covid time, please email me at   

I am practicing, making and experimenting with oboe and English horn reeds, playing various ocarinas and working on new pieces. Meanwhile, my garden and going outside a lot is soothing my heart and soul and keeping me sane.  I am hearing that rain will be coming soon to our dry Pacific Northwest - fingers crossed.

I have been doing some remote recording with friends and will announce the new projects when they are available. 

OBOE/ENGLISH HORN/OCARINA & COMPOSITION SESSION WORK -- Would you love to have the sound of the instruments I play on your next release?  Perhaps you would like to commission an original piece?  I am available for hire and can record at my studio.  

THANKS for Supporting Live and Recorded Music!  Gratefully,  Nancy