GRAMMY Award Winning Recording Artist, Composer, Performer and Teacher    

It's an interesting time to be alive!  I am grateful for so many things!  My family is healthy!

Due to Covid,  concerts and workshops are all cancelled at this time.  I am hoping that Tingstad & Rumbel will be able to do some streaming concerts during the upcoming months of November and December.  Please sign up on my mailing list to hear about them.   Meanwhile -- maybe this is the perfect time to learn the ocarina! Lessons can be taught via FaceTime or Skype  with me, if you are interested.   Or perhaps you always wanted to learn the oboe!

If you have questions, comments, suggestions or ideas about music making during this Covid time, please email me at   

I am practicing, making and experimenting with oboe and English horn reeds, working on new pieces and learning fingerings for different ocarinas.  Meanwhile, my garden and going outside a lot is soothing my heart and soul and keeping me sane.  

I have been doing some remote playing with friends and will announce some new music that can be found online soon.


I am currently working on a new track of Benjy Wertheimer's.  Not sure when it will be released, but I'll let you know.

I finished my tracks for a project with Oregon based singer/songwriter Linda Yapp.  Her children's release will be a wonderful recording of new and traditional songs. I play tenor ocarina, English horn, oboe, melodica, tin whistle and even a little Native flute.  Her songs are so inspiring and fun! I liken her style to a combination of Mr. Rogers andPete Seeger with a lovely bit of magic!!  The amazing Charles Michael Brotman of  Lava Tracks Studio is mixing and performing on the CD as well.  I will let you know when it is out! 

OBOE/ENGLISH HORN/OCARINA & COMPOSITION SESSION WORK -- Would you love to have the sound of my instruments on your next release?  Perhaps you would like to commission an original piece?  I am available for hire and can record at my studio.  It's a great way to get exceptional professional playing or a beautiful new original piece on your recording. 

THANKS for Supporting Live and Recorded Music!  Gratefully,  Nancy