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Spring is HERE!  Music is sprouting!  I totally LOVED Budrio and the International Budrio Ocarina Festival!  Oh My!  What a life long dream come true and treat!  Stories to come :)

I am so happy to announce the release date of Confluence - an independently produced CD comprised of the Confluence Trio -  David Michael (Celtic harp), Benjy Wertheimer (tabla and esraj) and myself ( oboe, English horn, double alto and tenor ocarinas and Native flute ).   This project has a wonderful unique history to how it came about.  A fan of all three of us and a friend of David's, got in touch with him about the possibility of supporting the creation of a CD.  The three of us had never played all together as a trio.  We had no idea how it would blossom into the wonderful collaboration that it did.  Other guests on the CD include Richard Russell (sarod),Sean Frenette (bass), Michael Mandrell (guitar), Mark Eubanks (bassoon) and Steve Gorn (bansuri) .  I would love to hear what you think about it.  It should be available on most of the music platforms.  Please let me know if you have trouble finding it.

Also - Tingstad & Rumbel will be performing at the Edmonds Park in WA this summer on Sunday, July  28 at 3pm and in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho on August 3 & 4.  The specifics are in the concert listings.  I'm sure we will have some wonderful holiday shows in December too.

If you have questions just email me at    The concert information is listed on the Concerts & Events page here on my website.

New projects:

I had the wonderful opportunity to work on Linda Yapp's new children's release that has yet to be titled!  It is a wonderful recording of new and traditional songs. I played tenor ocarina, English horn, oboe, melodica and even a little Native flute! Her songs are so inspiring and fun! I have likened her to a combination of part Mr. Rogers, part Pete Seeger and a bit of magic!!  The amazing Charles Brotman is mixing and performing on the CD as well.  

I completed  tracks for a beautiful new project with Philadelphia area composer/pianist Louis deLise entitled Natural Light.   It is scheduled to be released on July 1, 2019.   It is a real pleasure to work with him.  Very exquisite music!  

This winter I completed work on a recording with Salem, MA pianist Ann Sweeten, that is now released!  I appeared on several tracks with English horn.  A very powerful story of Ann's life and health journey is reflected in her compositions. 

AND in case you would love to support a school performance!!!

SURPRISE & WONDER -- These delightful workshops are a huge hit at elementary schools both public and private as well as community centers and libraries.  If you know a school that you would like this to happen at please let me know.  Perhaps you can help underwrite the costs with friends as that always seems to be the biggest obstacle for schools at this time.

OBOE/ENGLISH HORN/OCARINA & COMPOSITION SESSION WORK -- Would you love to have the sound of my instruments on your next release?  Perhaps you would like to commission an original piece?  I am available for hire and can record at my studio.  It's a great way to get exceptional professional playing or a beautiful new original piece on your recording. 

THANKS for Supporting Live and Recorded Music!  Gratefully,  Nancy