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Nancy Rumbel: Home

GRAMMY Award Winning Recording Artist, Composer, Performer and Teacher    Skype Consults and Lessons Available



 Nancy will be taking a few months off of playing in January through May to recover from rotator cuff surgery in late December.  Her arm is in a sling for 6 weeks and then several more weeks of strengthening during which time physical therapy will become her practice :)

NEWS-  Nancy scored the music for a new DVD for Robin Rothenberg therapeutic yoga instructor extrodinaire - Shema Meditation Through The Chakras.  Graciously Robin included a solo section of Nancy's score for listening as one of the chapters on the DVD  or you can purchase just the music for meditation at:   The music features the oboe or English horn in a variety of combinations with strings, harp, and choral sounds.  Their previous Yoga Nidra CD for reducing anxiety continues to get raves reviews and is newly reprinted again :) 

THANK YOU - to the PNW Oboe Seminar for inviting me to be the guest teacher in August!  Victoria Racz, I can't thank you enough for creating this wonderful weekend in Portland, OR. for the past 21 years!  Oboists are so fortunate to have you as a teacher, performer and activist!!  You are Amazing!!

SURPRISE & WONDER -- These delightful workshops are a huge hit at elementary schools both public and private as well as community centers and libraries.  

OBOE/ENGLISH HORN/OCARINA & COMPOSITION SESSION WORK -- Would you love to have the sound of Nancy's beautiful instruments on your next release?  Perhaps you would like to commission an original piece?  Nancy is available for hire and records at her studio.  It's a great way to get exceptional professional playing or a beautiful new original piece on your recording. 

MUSIC BUSINESS CONSULTS --  So many musicians have questions about recording, performing, practicing etc.. and Nancy offers consults via Skype, by phone or in person.  "For years colleagues have called upon me for help with their music careers due to my networking, marketing, and creative experience." 

OCARINA/OBOE/ENGLISH HORN LESSONS -- Nancy is available in person and also online via Skype!  This is a great way to get pointers on technique, practicing, improvising, recording, performing and musicianship.

THANKS for Supporting Live and Recorded Music!  Gratefully,  Nancy