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NEWS -  I'm very pleased to announce and encourage your support for my young friend Darius Ghanat's new track and fund raiser for the Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation, that I am featured on. So happy for Darius who has worked extremely hard to create this project.   A very talented musician, he is homebound due to Tourette's and the treatments for it.  Please support him on this!   Here's the link: !  I invite you to share this info too!  Thanks so much!  Congratulations Darius!


Darius discovered Brad Cohen's book "Front of the Class: How Tourette Syndrome Made Me the Teacher I Never Had" and was so inspired by Brad's story of strength and perseverance, that Brad became one of his heroes.  Darius too, wanted to make a difference in the lives of those with Tourette Syndrome, so he is now raising awareness through his music with the "Tour de Ettes" project.  All proceeds from this song will be donated to the Brad Cohen Tourette Foundation to support the socialization, achievement, and education of those with Tourette Syndrome.

Currently I am in the studio recording pieces for a wonderful singer, Sophia Engkvist, from the Olympic Peninsula.  She is working with my long time friend and talented producer/engineer Jeremy Cayes whose studio is in the Sequim area.  

I'm also working on a couple of pieces for an upcoming release by Catherine Marie Charlton, pianist/composer from the Brandywine, PA area. Her project has afforded me the great opportunity to work with former fellow Recording Academy Trustee and renowned producer Phil Nicolo from Philadelphia.   

The music consult business continues to presents unique and varied discussions with each client.  Challenging times are demanding fascinating and creative solutions.  I really enjoy these one on ones.

Jami Sieber and I will be joining together is a series of concerts in October in the Pacific NW.  I'll post the information as it comes in.  As of now we will be performing in Seattle, Bainbridge Island, Snohomish, Bellingham, Whidbey Island and Port Townsend.

I'm notating some incredible songs for my dear friend/singer songwriter Susan Osborn.  So my Sibelius lead sheet chops are getting a bit better!  She heads into the studio this summer.

Tingstad & Rumbel will be performing again in November/December for our annual Holiday shows - Bellevue, Olympia, Snohomish, Mt. Vernon, Fox Island and Langley so far.  Also January 2017 we'll be performing in California at a variety of venues.

 I scored the music for a new DVD for Robin Rothenberg therapeutic yoga instructor extrodinaire - Shema Meditation Through The Chakras.  Graciously Robin included a solo section of my score for listening as one of the chapters on the DVD  or you can purchase just the music for meditation at:   The music features the oboe or English horn in a variety of combinations with strings, harp, and choral sounds.  Their previous Yoga Nidra CD for reducing anxiety continues to get raves reviews and is newly reprinted again :) 

SURPRISE & WONDER -- These delightful workshops are a huge hit at elementary schools both public and private as well as community centers and libraries.  

OBOE/ENGLISH HORN/OCARINA & COMPOSITION SESSION WORK -- Would you love to have the sound of my instruments on your next release?  Perhaps you would like to commission an original piece?  I am available for hire and can record at my studio.  It's a great way to get exceptional professional playing or a beautiful new original piece on your recording. 

MUSIC BUSINESS CONSULTS --  So many musicians have questions about recording, performing, practicing etc.. and I offer consults via Skype, by phone or in person.  "For years colleagues have called upon me for help with their music careers due to my networking, marketing, and creative experience." 

OCARINA/OBOE/ENGLISH HORN LESSONS -- I am also available in person and/or online via Skype!  This is a great way to get pointers on technique, practicing, improvising, recording, performing and musicianship.

THANKS for Supporting Live and Recorded Music!  Gratefully,  Nancy